Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Friends and Great Friends Differentiated

The difference between my friends and my “GREAT FRIENDS”:
Friends call me during office hours to say “Hi!”
“GREAT FRIENDS” NEVER call during office hours because they know that I don’t want to be interrupted or disturbed at work.
Friends speculate about my absence and silence.
“GREAT FRIENDS” know that I am either sleeping or eating or working late!
Friends tell me to quit smoking because it is bad for my health.
“GREAT FRIENDS” smoke with me until our lungs get burned!
Friends invite me for a cup of coffee.
“GREAT FRIENDS” hand me 3 big mugs of milk every night!
Friends tell me to stop eating too much.
“GREAT FRIENDS” eat big lunch and dinner with me!
Friends wonder about my worries and angst and troubles.
“GREAT FRIENDS” disappear when I start whining about my problems/mean-capade!
(After hearing every minutiae of my life)
Friends worry about me all the time.
“GREAT FRIENDS” know that I can kick ass & they worry for the safety of those who hinder my way.
Friends start philosophizing when I am being mean or sarcastic.


  1. very well said Sherry! haha

    kailangan pa naku sya balikon og basa..hehe